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American Pale Ale
Cara Crystal, Cara Pils, Flaked Oats, Melanoidin, Munich Malt, Pilsner, Wheat
Centennial, Citra, Galaxy, Simcoe

An acknowledgment has since 1999 slowly spread through Europe to the rest of the world, that the only good thing that ever came out of the Euro was Eurodance – a special kind of electro music designed for one purpose only: To forget the everyday hassles through dressing up in synthetic luminous pants, too tight shirts and dance like a motherfucker to a 4 to the floor beat with a synth on speed and a vocal repeating it self again and again (good if it is with a simple statement, like “I’m Blue”, “I’m a Scatman” or simply just nonsence like “Dubidub” or “Uh I Uh Ah Ah”). All this just to underline the statement, that if the people running our countries are ignorant stupid fucks, then what should be the problem with me dancing like a ignorant stupid fuck.

We at To Øl are of course big supporters of people who are making a living of stupidity and that’s why we have made a sequel to our summer beer “Sundancer” called “Eurodancer”.

Eurodancer is a hoppy Pale Ale at 6,5% ABV. It is a fresh, fruity thirst quencher and a genuine stupid fuck.

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