The Bar


Stefansgade 35, kld.
DK-2200 Copenhagen N

+45 35831020
Opening Hours:
Sun-Monday 14:00-24:00
Thu-Friday 14:00-02:00
Saturday 12:00-02:00

After experimenting with craft beer for quite a while, we felt the urge to explore more areas of the craft beer community and establish a bar, where our dreams and ideas of craft beer are presented directly from tap to fan. We wanted to create a place where local hangarounds and beer geeks from all over the globe can explore their favorite beers with a quirky visual expression. We wanted to locate the bar on Nørrebro, which is our favorite part of town and also one of the most lively and colorful neighborhoods in Scandinavia.

We found out that our good friend Mikkel Borg Bjergsø (Mikkeller) was looking for something similar and decided to team up to do the first collaborative craft beer bar in Denmark called “Mikkeller & Friends“.

Soon we found some big beautiful premises in the heart of Nørrebro, Copenhagen. A 275 square meters old second-hand store was be turned in to a bar with 40 continually changing taps. For the decoration we teamed up with two interior designers:

“We’ve created a modern bierstube from raw materials with a masculine expression. It has a variety of standing and sitting areas allowing the guests to create their own intimate space without being isolated from the rest of the bar,” says designer Karsten K. Lülloff. In collaboration with carpenter and designer Kristian Lillelund from Rum4, he built an inventive universe with shiny, turquoise floors, light, custom-made wooden benches, tables, lamps and lots of adventurous details.

Besides the insane amount of fresh craft beers flowing from the taps, the bar also offers cider, Mikkeller Spirits, soft drinks and special sausages and cheese.

After it’s opening in 2013, things has been going fast. The Bar was awarded with the AOK Award as the best beer bar in Copenhagen and is at the moment ranked in the top 3 of best bars in the world by

Come down and grab a beer with us.


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