The Bar RVK


Mikkeller RVK- Anthony Bacigalupo 15

Hverfisgata 12

+354 437 0203
Opening Hours:
Mon-Thu 17:00-01:00
Fri-Sat 14:00-01:00
Sun 17:00-01:00

In 2015 it was about time to develop our project of collaboration bars with Mikkeller. After Copenhagen had been such a succes, we looked on the horizon and looked at places. We had a very good friendship with the people of Iceland and therefore we decided to open a bar in Reykjavik. We had the same ideas as in Copenhagen: We wanted to get create a bar where our ideas and dreams about craft beer could be presented directly face to face with our fans. Where only the best of the best were served and where you would never have a hard time finding a beer of your taste and with a decoration, that was provoking and colourful compared to other bars.

We are looking forward to greeting you welcome in this cozy little bar that we are very proud of. Situated in an old big house, together with the Pizza place with no name and top restaurand DILL, managed by headchef Gunni. This building can give you everything you need, from sourdough pizzas, top food menus with wine and beer pairings and then the most awersome craft beer bar in all of Iceland.

Mikkeller RVK- Anthony Bacigalupo 9 Mikkeller RVK- Anthony Bacigalupo 7 Mikkeller RVK- Anthony Bacigalupo 3