Tobias Emil Jensen – b. 1987 in Hvidovre

Being the son of a nurse and a former sailor Tobias’ got a bit of both worlds in him: Growing up in the suburbs of Copenhagen he hung around the rough kids. It was not until his first year on “efterskole” (a one year very popular boarding school you can attend at 15) – where he was introduced to the hippie side of life by the youngsters at school – amongst them the extreme vegetarian Tore Gynther.

Tobias is always geeky occupied with whatever he put his mind into: First and foremost science and experimenting with fermentation and unlikely sorts of ingredients for beer brewing, but his dedication to computer-games or food recipes is just as strong.

As a part of his studies at Food science for his Master in Brewing at the University of Copenhagen, Tobias spent six months of solitude in the Scottish Highlands in 2013, finishing his thesis called “Enhancing Beer Hop Aroma by Glycoside Hydrolysis”.


 Tore Gynther b. 1987 in Vindinge ,Roskilde

Grew up as the second son of a pair of liberal idealistic teachers. They were taken by surprise when their ambitious son in 8th grade chose the nearby private school to achieve stronger academic challenges.

The direct school democracy at ‘Det Fri’-high school trained Tore’s managing and communication skills and up roared his youngster mind and he became a vegan and political activist. Together with Tobias, Tore ruled the school kitchen at ‘Det Fri’ with their brewing experiments. And the rest is history.

What is less known to the micro-brewing public is that Tore also studied computer science at Roskilde University and played around with electronic music, robots and interactive design (being the front man in the band whoismixingthisanyway).


Kasper Ledet – b. 1987

 The first word little Kasper first uttered was in fact ‘Carlsberg’ – growing up beneath the neon sign of the big brewery in the small village of Humleby – ‘Hop City’, which surrounds the old brewery facilities in Copenhagen. So in a way it’s safe to say that beer was keen to Kasper already at an early age.

Soon Kasper grew into a much taller young man and tasted the primary experiments of Tore and Tobias at ‘Det Fri’. As a skilled self-taught graphic designer, Kasper assisted designing the To Øl logo.

Kasper has worked in photography, sculpture and art-installations and studied Architecture at the Royal Academy of Arts in Copenhagen. He also worked several years as a graphic designer for the Danish Broadcasting Corporation.


Morten Bruun – b. 1985

The Coctail and Tonic Master at To Øl – Morten is experimenting with unlikely and wild combinations of taste to perfect and push our conception of cocktails and sodas. Having an impressing background as kitchen chef in one of the first experimental asian-styles kitchens of Copenhagen Kung Fu and Sticks’n’Sushi, Morten is well-known for his excellent tastebuds and his uncompromising eloquent gastronomic style. He’s keeping it real and gourmet even when it’s low brow. We adore every little tasty experiment he comes up with.