On February 1st a new Mikkeller & Friends Bottle Shop was launched in Copenhagen’s most buzzy market district; Torvehallerne. 100s of beer geeks waited for hours in the rain to check out the more than 100 different bottled and canned beers from Mikkeller, To Øl and a number of our great American friends.


ML1A8147Photo cred: Theis Mortensen


Come join us for some serious beer-hopping & shopping!


ML1A8370Photo cred: Theis Mortensen


With the Bottle Shop in Torvehallerne, the old shop in Nørrebro is closed down to be relaunched as a Lambic Bar serving only Belgian sour beers. The new bar will be rubbing shoulders with the modern, scandi-looking Mikkelller & Friends bar, but will adopt a dusty Belgian bar-style with dark wood, dried hopplants and the latent scent of spontaneous fermentation.

Doors open any time soon!