Thursday 12th May we opened our big babysis and brewpub BRUS in the heart of Copenhagen, Nørrebro. Just in time to welcome the first summery week in Denmark, all you CBC-goers and the young sun and freebee(r) hungering Danes, we were pouring 2200 drinks and beers from all taps possible, while DJ’s and brassbands were spinning, honking and clapping the sun salutation and beer celebration up from scratch. The team from Restaurant Spontan at BRUS BBQ’ed ribs, popped corns, grilled flatbreads, baked strudels and poured a ton of mezcal pineapple shots!

We had a heck of a housewarming and just about the right amount of hangovers the day after. The bar, restaurant, shop and brewhouse is fully up and running and we are thrilled to showcase it all in best realtor style here!

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Here goes the 9 meter long bar with 28 taps and 4 serving tanks





The Bottle Shop with a crazy beer repertoire but also a great variety of well-sourced products in the world of coffee, tea, wine, spirits, tobacco, crisps, groceries, ice cream, juices and what not.




A peak into the brewhouse_Z1B3919

And Restaurant Spontan to put it all on the menu with Christian Gadient behind the stove serving the arguably most beautiful brewpub food, you’ve ever tried.