BRUS goes to Oslo

In May we opened BRUS; a 750 m2 large brewery, bar, caféshop and restaurant in the middle of Nørrebro in Copenhagen. Many a long, heady hour is spent here brewing, cooking, drinking and dining.

But BRUS is not the kid in the back of the classroom. BRUS has growing pains and craves to go abroad and in the beginning of 2017, we’re is ready to head north and open the arguably smallest craft beer bar in Scandinavia. The bar will open in Oslo – more precisely Osterhaus gate 11 in the young, pulsating area of Oslo.


BRUS Oslo is taking over a 65 m2 space and will on its 25 taps primarily be serving To Øl beers as well as beers and cocktails on kegs straight out of the BRUS brewery. We will also be brewing hot coffee and serve sandwiches and sweets for the early and more sober hours.

Norway is more than a natural next step for To Øl and BRUS.

“Norway has shown great interest in To Øl lately and are especially fond of the ‘Reparationsbajer’, Tore Gynther tells. “Norway is going through the same craft beer revolution now, as we’ve seen in Denmark and Sweden the last 5-7 years. It’s a super interesting development calling for even more crazy good crafted beverages.” Tore adds: “And, when Norway already wants to cure their hangovers in To Øl, then we might as well ensure that they’ll be getting the most fresh brewed beers and drinks to quench their thirst in general, right?”


The partner group behind the bar consists of the three guys behind BRUS Copenhagen; Tobias Emil Jensen, Tore Gynther and Morten Bruun. For the Norwegian BRUS bar, the guys teamed up with a fourth and feminine partner; Linda Merete Skogholt, who will be a co-owner as well as General Manager of the bar. Linda has a background in the hotel and restaurant business and has worked with sales and distribution for quite some time. She has an outstanding sommelier repertoire behind her with educations counting; beer sommelier from Beer Academy London as well as Beverage Academy Norway, plus she’s a wine sommelier from NSU Norway and Sake sommelier from SSA. Linda is probably the person outside To Øl with the most thorough knowledge of To Øl.

“I realized Tore and Tobias’s ability to both brew kickass beer and work with a super cool visual expression several years ago – plus Mortens skills in blending beautiful cocktails at Mikropolis. With all this they’ve managed to bring in to BRUS. With this in mind – and the fact that they’re all super great guys, whom I very much enjoy working with, I couldn’t miss the chance to be a partner in BRUS Oslo and hence a part of the To Øl and BRUS Copenhagen team”, Linda tells.

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