a SPONTANeous new arrival to BRUS


Denmark’s youngest Michelin-starred head chef ditches the straitjacket of fine dining and hotel cuisines in favor of a lively neighborhood and spontaneity in Copenhagen’s new brewpub.

SPONTAN is the name of a new restaurant opening in the central corner of Copenhagen’s new brewpub, BRUS. The head chef of the restaurant is the youngest Michelin-starred head chef in Copenhagen right now. After numerous late nights and after-hours in the same bar, the crew behind BRUS and the new head chef decided to team-up. Together they want to create a whole new experience of drinking and dining in a brewpub.




CHRISTIAN GADIENT is sprinkled with stardust. After more than a year as head chef of restaurant Marchal in the famous D’angleterre Hotel, Christian last week regained the star that Ronny Emborg initially earned for Marchal last year.

But after several years in the footsteps of star-studded restaurants, new Nordic masters and creased napkins at luxury hotels, Christian is now ready to run his own place. Avoiding straitjackets and fixed dogmas, Christian will offer beautiful food in more casual settings.

Christian Gadient was born and raised in Austria. His father is a chef and his mother owns a hotel. Christian grew up welcoming the guests at the hotel and has strong childhood memories of the family-style dinner that was laid out every evening for both staff and guests.

Christian values homely hospitality and a relaxed atmosphere about as much as tasty creations and aesthetic snacks. With SPONTAN, Christian wants to create a very different kind of home away from home for his guests; a comfortable hangout for residents and newcomers, yet serving inspired and thoughtful tastings. Menus will reflect the seasonal changes, but first and foremost spontaneity. The only fixed concept at SPONTAN is that everything is changeable – leaving room for new crops, flavors and aromas as well as the chef’s own craving for favorite dishes and daily detours.

“I’m very spontaneous. I can’t plan too long ahead – I don’t know what I’m cooking in 3 weeks. I’m bored if I cook the same dish over and over again. I don’t want to do signature dishes, I want to keep testing, creating and offer new tastings and variations to the guests”, Christian says.

The Danish word SPONTAN means spontaneous, commonly attributed to fermentation in the world of beer brewing. And with BRUS as the closest neighbor, SPONTAN will reflect several elements from the brewing world with mutually exchanged knowledge and sources of inspiration from fermentation- and microbrew projects under the same roof.

“To Øl has been travelling as a brewery for many years, collaborating and sharing inspiration across the milieu. With SPONTAN we want to carry our approach to brewing on to social life and mutual inspiration at the restaurant. Just like To Øl doesn’t produce the same core range of beers again and again, Christian will continuously vary his dishes and menus, invite chefs to do pop-ups and offer new food experiences to the guests – and in this manner reflect the same lively and ongoing development as us”, co-owner of BRUS and To Øl, Tore Gynther explains.

The bar and brewery at BRUS will open during Copenhagen Beer Celebration in May. SPONTAN will be open for reservations shortly after.








  • Born in Austria 29.09.1988
  • Grew up in the hotel business and studied tourism before he finally decided to become a chef
  • Started his chef career working at top-hotels in Austria and Ireland
  • After this he went to London to stage at a number of the big fine dining restaurants incl; The Fat Duck, The Ledbury, Nobu, Hibiscus & The Hand and Flower
  • Came to Denmark in 2010
  • Worked at AOC for 2,5 years
  • After this he followed Ronny Emborg to restaurant Marchal
  • Sous-chef at Marchal for two years
  • Head chef at Marchal since beginning of 2015